Falling In Love With Baby - Keep Sake Journal

  • Falling In Love With Baby, by Erin Sartori is a beautiful keepsake journal gently guiding parents through that first wonderful, hazy first month and beyond with a newborn baby. This baby journal is packed with helpful tips and reassuring quotes from other parents and allows you to keep track of your baby's feeds, nappy changes and sleeps all in one place. Record baby's feeds, nappy changes, sleep and wellbeing notes as well as sweet little reminders about this amazing time with your newborn in this personal, practical and beautifully presented keepsake journal that you will keep forever.




  • How will Falling In Love With Baby help you adapt to life with a newborn baby? 

    • Allows you to easily track baby's feeds, nappy changes and sleep

    • Provides order and reassurance during the chaotic initiation into parenthood. 

    • Offers many helpful tips and entertaining anecdotes from other parents.

    • Incredibly useful when visiting the maternal and child health nurse/midwife or doctor.

    • Is a beautiful keepsake of a very precious and short time





    What others had to say about Falling In Love With Baby..... 

      “As a new father, forget Plans A, B & C - nothing really prepares you for the first month  of having a child and a first time mum! That being said, we were definitely fortunate to have Falling in Love with Baby to help guide us along, and more importantly, keep our focus.  It's not all about baby, baby, baby either - the internal struggles a mother goes through with breast feeding, "is she getting enough?", "do I need to pump more?", "how much did she last have?" would certainly have gone askew without a proper log in front of us to manage the process.  Like it or not, there is no cheat-sheet to becoming a first time dad, organization and teamwork is the only way you will get through it, and we really appreciated having this book on the bedside table!

    Chad Wood, McKayla-Grace, 4 and a half months


    "Falling in Love with Baby was the perfect gift for me. I would have never prepared myself with such a tool…of course thinking I will not need nor use something like this! My how I used (& needed!) this book. Our breast-feeding journey had (and has!) many obstacles. I was nursing and then pumping with every feed for months. “Falling in Love with Baby” helped us to keep track of when, what and how we were operating on a daily basis; I would have never been organized enough with my sleep-deprived brain to figure it all out without this book. The parent quotes and daily ideas were wonderful inspiration for those down moments as well.   And the icing on the cake is we could record all of those special memories (like meeting Nana for the first time!) right there in the book we were already using throughout the day!"  

    Sara-Manson, McKayla-Grace 4 and a half months

    "Falling In Love With Baby was the most useful gift I was given. It was so helpful. I don't know what I would have done without it. It made it so easy to keep a record of my baby’s daily routine and needs.

    I found reading other parents’ quotes everyday so reassuring. I look forward to reading back over my day-to-day notes of this precious time in years to come. This journal is something I will keep forever. Thank you.”

     Amy, Cruz 3 months

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