July 08, 2014

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Teaching Your Baby

As parents there are days where we just look at our little ones and still cannot believe how blessed we are. We are thrilled to have these little folks and we also know that they count on us for everything. Our children are so trusting and count on us for everything. Because our children count on us for everything including learning it often makes us wonder if we are doing enough. The truth is, there are things that we can do on a daily basis that teach our children about things. 

Engage With Your Baby

The little things that we do daily are teaching our babies. Just walking into a room and smiling and cooing at your baby is teaching socialization. Baby is learning that you are a separate person and if you leave you will then return. Playing ‘Peek-a-boo’ also helps baby learn that things will return even if the object or person is out of sight range.
Go for walks with your little one? As you are walking be sure to talk to your baby. If a dog goes by then say the word ‘dog’ and your baby will begin to know that this animal is called a dog.

Different Textures for Baby’s Sensory Development

Have you ever taken a baby and put him down in the nice green grass for the first time? The look of puzzlement actually makes it worth introducing this new texture! Many babies will just touch the soft grass with their little toes and pull the leg back up. Other more adventurous babies will not only want to feel the green grass but try to roll in it and eat it.
Another way to introduce different textures to babies is to make a texture board. Just take a thick piece of cardboard and glue on different textures such as string, yard, wood and something fuzzy like craft fur. Baby will sit and feel the different textures and be learning at the same time. As baby is investigating the textures you can be naming the different objects. This is one of the best and cheapest sensory toys that can be made by parents. Just be sure that there is nothing small enough n the piece of cardboard that baby can pull of and put into the mouth. As your baby explores the textures be sure to keep a close eye on the board.

Baby Will Imitate You

When you are out shopping be sure to smile at those passing by or helping you. Engage strangers by being polite and using your manners. When you are engaging with others your baby is watching you and learning. Have you ever noticed times when you get uptight and anxious and your baby will become cranky? Babies take their cues from you. If you are calm and using your manners then baby will mimic this. Likewise, if you are hollering and yelling then baby may decide that being loud and unruly is perfectly acceptable. As your baby gets older you will see that more and more mimicking takes place. If you are on the telephone a good amount of the day then do not be surprised if baby begins acting like he or she is speaking on the phone.
Here is some great advice that was given to me years ago. If you do not want your children to do certain things then it is best if they never see you do it. The funny thing is many times we are not even aware of our own actions and mannerisms until we have a little one who is watching our every move!
There are many ways that we can engage with our babies without having to buy the latest toys and gadgets. Because a new video is released that states it will make your child a genius does not mean that we have to all run out and purchase it. Your baby is learning so much just from you that there really is no need to go overboard on the spending. You are your baby’s first teacher so make the best of it and have fun. Your baby will only be small once so enjoy the time because it passes by way too fast.

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February 24, 2015

I think by the time a baby is physically able to roll anourd in its sleep to change postion (from on the back to on the front, say), we’re talking about a different developmental stage. The anti-SIDS back-sleeping recommendations, from my layperson’s understanding, are first and foremost about the initial time when the baby basically stays in the position you put her/him in. This is not the same for all, and I’m sure some of you have infants who thrashed about from the get-go, but The Pumpkin definitely had a period when she stayed where she was put. And discomfort from acid reflux or whatever was alleviated, at that stage, not by putting her on her stomach but by elevating the mattress under her head. (And none of this is to discount in any way the personal choice to co-sleep, but that’s a different issue from solely the back-sleeping one.)

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