July 08, 2014


Making Your Own Baby Food


Now that it is time to begin feeding your baby have you thought about what you will be feeding him? Will you be buying baby food from the store? Have you thought about making your own baby food? More and more parents are now making their own baby food and have good reasons for doing so. One of the leading reasons for making your own baby food is because you want to know what your baby is eating. Having the ability to know exactly what is in the food gives you a peace of mind. There are so many more choices when you are making your own food that may not be able to be found when purchasing store bought food.

Making Your Own Baby Food to Save Money

Making your own baby food is more economical. Parents often watch for sales and buy the produce then to save money. As long as you know your baby can tolerate the food then you are good to go. Buying store bought baby food can be costly as your babies appetite grows.
Before getting ready to make your baby food be sure to clean the equipment you will be using and your hands. Next, you will want to wash any fruits and/or vegetables that you will be making for baby. Peel the fruits and vegetables and remove any seeds or pits. Fruits and vegetables can be steamed, baked or microwaved until they are soft.
Once fruits and vegetables are soft they can be pureed in a blender with a little bit of water, formula or breast milk. Once your baby can have food with more texture you will not have to add as much liquid.

Freezing Homemade Baby Food

Once you have finished pureeing the baby food you can freeze it in ice cube trays or air tight storage containers. There are many stores that sell small containers made specifically for storing and freezing foods for baby. Using these containers makes making large batches easier. When freezing baby food in ice cube trays just pop the cubes of food out when frozen and store in freezer bags that are clearly labeled. When baby is ready to eat just grab a cube and heat.
The same process can also be done with cooked meats and beans as baby gets older. Making your own baby food also gets your baby accustomed to eating the same foods that the rest of the family is enjoying.

Store Bought Baby Food

Making baby food for your baby can be a very rewarding experience. For those mums who do not want to get into this project there are plenty of baby foods that are sold that are excellent for your baby. Organic baby food can be purchased pretty much anywhere that other baby foods are sold. When storing homemade baby foods in the freezer try to use within one month or three months tops. As ice crystals build up it changes the consistency of the food. For baby food that is stored in the refrigerator be sure to use it within 48 hours. Baby food that has been stored in the refrigerator for more than 48 hours should be discarded.

Introducing Homemade Baby Foods

As with all foods being introduced to your baby always be sure to follow the pediatrician’s recommendations. If there are food allergies in your family then be sure to bring them up at the next appointment so that you and your pediatrician can put a plan into place for introducing the new foods.

Do you make your baby’s food? What is the best method you have found so far? Do you save money making your own baby food?

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