July 04, 2014


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Keeping Toddlers Busy

Toddlers are children that are aged from one to three years old. If you have one, then you know that keeping them busy can be a very serious challenge. You just never know when they might grow bored or if the avenue of entertainment that you’ve provided them with is beneficial. Sometimes it’s also a necessity to keep a toddler busy so that you can get things done at home. With this in mind, we’ve made the job easier for you and conducted research on some of the best and most effective ways that you can keep your toddler busy. Here goes:

1. Painting. This activity might be more appropriate for older toddlers, but a large paintbrush and paper will not only enhance your child’s creativity, but it will hone his motor skills as well. Be sure to purchase paint that is toxic-free and safe for kids to use.

2. Pouring. Toddlers and kids in general love to pour things and you might be surprised at how this keeps them busy for hours. You can have your child pour water from a large container into smaller containers and back and forth; just make sure that he or she is located in an area that is safe to make a mess in. Additionally, if you decide to use anything other than water, be sure that it’s large enough that your child doesn’t choke on or attempt to swallow it.

3. Play dough. These days, far too many toddlers are made to pass idle time with an iPad or an iPhone. While this is not a problem for a short period of time, if allowed to go on for an extended period, your toddler’s attention span may become compromised and he or she will also miss out on the fun of using their hands to create something. This is where play dough comes in. Play dough is a wonderful, safe material that toddlers can used to exercise their creative juices and strengthen their physical and mental skills as well. Purchase it in different colours and allow your toddler to get creative. You can even create something alongside him too.

4. Pom Poms Through a Tube. Be warned: even the grown-ups might want in on this one. Here, a long paper towel tube is taped or attached to the wall just low enough so that your toddler is at the same height adjacent to it. Next, place a large bowl just underneath the tube. Instruct your child then to insert one pom pom at a time inside the tube, then do it all over again until he grows tired of it. This will keep your child amused for a long period of time and allow you to finish what you have to. Be sure to monitor your child and to keep the area hazard-free.

5. Duct Tape Race Track. If you have time on your hands, create a long, winding race track using duct tape in a spacious floor area in your home. Then have your child go down the track using his or her toy car. This is a great activity for your toddler physically and mentally.

6. Ice Cube Tray & Cotton. This is a fun, inexpensive activity that only requires items that you already have lying around at home. It should also teach your child a thing or two about spacial patterns and relations. Take one or two empty ice cube trays. Place a container of cotton next to it and have your child fill each space in the tray with a cotton ball. Repeat.

7. Bubble Wrap. This activity will require strict supervision on your end as your child may suffocate, choke or otherwise if things go wrong. Gather all the bubble wrap that you have lying around and have your child step on it until all of the bubbles are flattened. This should make a little bit of noise.

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