July 03, 2014


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Nappy Bags for Mums on the Go

Whether you call them baby nappy bags or baby diaper bags the truth is every mum should have one. Although every new mum should have a nappy bag it is important to remember that not all nappy bags are equal. Yes, you can purchase a very cheap nappy bag online but keep in mind it may not last long. The thing with nappy bags is that they are meant to carry everything that baby will need while you are out and about.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Nappy Bag

The first thing that you will be looking at when choosing a nappy bag is the design. Choose a design that is something that you will like because you will be seeing a lot of this bag. The nappy bag should also be very durable and have lots of storage pockets. The more pockets and room the better! New Mums will be very surprised at the things they will be carrying in the bag. Before you know it your diaper bag will be full and you will wonder how that has happened so fast.
Baby nappy bags also become a storage area for all Mums essentials in most cases. It is hard trying to carry your personal bag, a nappy bag and a baby. What most Mums will do is just put the essentials that they need such as car keys and identification right in the nappy bag. Carrying things becomes easier on the back when there is just one bag to contend with. Carrying just one bag also helps to save on confusion and wondering where you put your car keys and wallet.
Baby Buy Direct offers a vast selection of diaper bags with many different designs to choose from. The convenience of being able to purchase baby nappy bags online that you know are high quality and durable will also save you time and running from store to store. Parenting nappy bags will also save you both time and effort when you and baby are out and about.
Baby Buy Direct does have baby nappy bags sales and we will be sure to have it posted up so that you can save money on your purchase. Why pay full price when you can purchase a designer diaper bag at the fraction of the cost? No new Mum wants to spend extra money on baby items when quality nappy bags can be purchased for less.

What to Put in Nappy Bag for Baby

  • Nappies / Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Blanket
  • Bottles and formula (unless you are nursing)
  • Extra change of baby clothes
  • Hand cleaner/sanitizer
  • Pacifier (if baby takes one)
  • Nursing cover (for nursing in public)
  • Tissues
  • Cell Phone
  • Emergency Numbers written down
  • Wallet
  • Shirt change- in case of spit-up or if your milk leaks through
  • Car keys
  • Nursing pads
  • Gum or candy
  • Pen and a small notebook
  • Camera (yes, a camera for those moments you do not want to miss)

What to Put in Nappy Bag for Mum

As you can see from the list there are quite a few things that will go in the nappy bag. All nappy bags here at Baby Buy Direct come with a changing pad. The changing pad makes nappy changes so much easier when you are out in public. Having everything right at your fingertips will save you time and stress. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a diaper change and realizing you do not have everything you need like the wipes.

When you return from your outings always be sure to refill your nappy bags. Often when we get back home we are so busy we forget. When it is time for the next outing we grab the bag and go only to realize we do not have everything we need. Believe me, this happens to more Mums than you think. Between the lack of sleep and trying to keep up with family demands is it any wonder we forget things?

Baby Buy Direct brings you the best in high quality baby items at reasonable prices. How does Baby Buy Direct know what youngsters need? Because being a Mum certainly helps! All those things that you wished you would have known BEFORE will probably be written about here on this website.

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