July 02, 2014


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Baby Bean Bags for Comfort and Safety

Now that you are getting all of your baby things sorted and together you will need to add baby bean bags. These bean bags will literally make your life so much easier. Often, we are trying to hold the baby and do something else. But there are times when holding our little ones is just not possible or safe. This is where the baby bean bags come in to play and are super handy to have close by.

Baby Bean Bags for Comfort

Our baby bean bags are super comfortable with super soft layers. For those babies that suffer with reflux these baby bean bags will help reduce the problem. Because the baby’s head is upright and the baby is not laying completely flat. For those new mums that are concerned that their little one is going to have a flat head, these bean bags help solve the problem and relieve any anxiety the mum may be having. 

Our baby bean bags are not only affordable but they are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Not only is your child safe but looking great at the same time. Style is never an issue with our baby bean bags.

Baby Bean Bags for Safety

As much as we like to hold and cuddle our little ones there are times when holding a baby is just not safe. When mum is trying to cook or vacuum or anything else that takes two hands the baby bean bags can help. Each baby bean bag comes with a three point harness that will keep the baby safe and in place. Our baby bean bags are double stitched for comfort and security. Know that you are putting your child into something that is safe offers a peace of mind. Never leave baby unattended in a baby bean bag! The safety of your baby comes first and foremost.

Baby Buy Direct offers the most comfortable baby bean bags that are also easy to clean. Babies will drool and do many other things and anything around them can become soiled. The baby bean bags have removable covers that can be easily tossed into your washing machine with a mild detergent.


Baby Bean Bags in a Wide Variety

Our baby beans bags are available in the following colours:

  • Blue-Circle with white top
  • Pink and coloured polka dots
  • Pink with white dots
  • Red polka dots
  • White and blue polka dots
  • Black and white - chevron print

As you can see there are enough designs to fit every mood and décor. Our customers not only purchase one for home, many also purchase one for relatives homes where they visit frequently.

Baby Buy Direct takes great pride in offering stylish and high quality baby items at reasonable prices. If you or a loved one have any questions concerning any of our products, then please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help and to make your life easier and safer for baby. Baby Bean Bags also make excellent baby shower gifts! Not sure if it is a boy or girl? We have plenty of designs to choose from that will fit any gender.
Each baby bean bag comes with:

  • 1 x Bean Bag Base with Baby Seat (includes safety harness)

  • 1 x Additional matching colour Toddler Seat (no harness)
  • Size (filled): 72cm (L) x 52cm (W)

Bean Bag Chairs

Our bean bag chairs can be filled with bean bag beans that can be purchased at any department store like Kmart or Big W. The price of the bean bag beans are about $13.00 and is a cost effective purchase. Our customers tell us how they don’t know how they would be able to get anything accomplished without the baby bean bags. Having your hands freed up just for a few minutes allows you to get things done. Feeling accomplished is easy with baby bean bags. Your little one is snuggled by super soft material and can still see you. Having the three point harness provides safety so that baby is not allowed to slip down in the baby bean bag.

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