May 17, 2014


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Amazing & Fascinating Facts About Breastfeeding Your Baby

There are so many wonderful, incredible and fascinating facts and benefits to breastfeeding your baby! Human milk provides the specific nutrients that babies need to grow, both in size and maturity. The experience of breastfeeding also feeds his/her emotional, social and behavioural needs and delivers lifelong major health and emotional benefits to both mother and baby.

So below here at Baby Buy Direct we aim to inspire yet dazzle you with amazing facts about your mum made wonder food…

  1. A breastfeed lasts an average of 16 minutes
  2. The metabolic energy needed to breastfeed a baby each day is the amount you’d use to walk 11km (who needs the gym right?)
  3. Majority of newborns held skin-to-skin in the first hour or two after birth will push their way towards their mother’s breast and start feeding on their own.
  4. Almost three-quarters of mums produce more milk with their right breast (no correlation to being right or left – handed).
  5. Breastmilk can be purchased on-line in the US for approx $4 per 30mls– liquid gold, approx 262 times the price of oil.
  6. You can test your alcohol level in your breastmilk? Test trips called ‘Milkscreen’ can be purchased to test the amount of alcohol in breastmilk through test pads that change colour.
  7. Mothers kiss their babies frequently not just because of the emotional connection but for health reasons too! When a mum kisses their baby they get a sample of whatever dirt is on the baby’s skin. Her immune system analyses it for pathogens, and the next day she produces breast milk specially tailored to kill whatever the baby was crawling around the day before.
  8. Baby’s breastfeed until they’re full, not until they “empty” the breast. On average, babies remove 67% of the milk you have available- this amount can vary widely among mums.
  9. Your body knows whose nursing: a newborn has different nutritional needs than a three, six or nine month old. Your milk is constantly changing to provide the perfect balance for your baby—even changing composition to better hydrate a baby with the stomach virus!
  10. Breastmilk contains endorphins which soothe and calm babies during times of stress. This comes in very handy during vaccinations, injuries, illnesses, or when your baby just needs that special cuddle.
  11. Most women with breast implants are still able to breastfeed.
  12. Breastmilk has antibodies in it to protect your baby from illness
  13. Breastfeeding Protects Against Cavities
  14. Breastmilk tastes sweet & has healing properties. You can use it to heal cracked nipples or it might even clear up eye infections as well as many other things!
  15. Breastfeeding may reduce your chances of osteoporosis and breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. Also breastfeeding your baby girl reduces her lifetime risk of breast cancer by as much as 25%.
  16. Breastfeeding may increase your child’s IQ, and lower their chance of childhood obesity, ear infections, allergies and asthma.
  17. Your milk sprays out of many holes, not just one (it shoots out of 10-20 openings)
  18. A baby can smell its mother’s breast milk; they can practically pick their mums out of a line up based on smell alone.
  19. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. The amount of breast milk a mum produces has nothing to do with her breast size.
  20. Breastfeeding Has a Calming Effect. When your baby nurses, your body releases the hormone oxytocin, which causes calmness, even sleepiness. It’s also one explanation why breastfeeding mothers experience less postpartum depression, and why there are fewer incidences of child abuse and domestic violence.

What wonderful, incredible and fascinating facts about breastfeeding have you learned? Please share with Baby Buy Direct

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